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Endometriosis Hair Loss Miracle Makeover - TV

LK Today's 'Miracle Makeover' on GMTV featured us transforming the look of a viewer whose drug treatment for endometriosis had caused her some permanent hair loss.

25-year old Gillian Biggerstaff was a PhD student who had to start lecturing a couple of weeks later and wanted to feel confident in front of a hall of students. Her thinning was mainly on the crown area and she's one of the estimated 8 million women in the UK that suffer from some form of hair loss or alopecia.

'I just love looking in the mirror now'

LK Today host, Lorraine Kelly, said on-air the results of our work "...looks amazing, incredible, absolutely stunning and so natural - it gives the hair so much more volume".

Gillian said, "I just love looking in the mirror now, I feel so much more confident. I didn't realise how much thinning hair affected my confidence until I had the new hair and I realise how much more confident I now feel."

Mark Glenn co-founder, Mark Sharp, was on the breakfast show sofa with Lorraine and Gillian as he described how he'd achieved the transformation at our London hair extension studio by using our unique Kinsey System.

Invited back the following day

After their switchboard went into meltdown, producers invited us back on to the show the following morning after what was described as "an unprecedented response to any item we've ever featured".

The Kinsey System

Using our unique Kinsey System - a revolutionary hair integration technique - cosmetic fibre was combined with an ultra-fine silk mesh to give Gillian a full head of hair that looks, feels and behaves just like the real thing.

She can wash and style it as normal, swim and go out in the wind and rain, all without fear of detection. And, unlike a wig, it's semi-permanent and lasts around 2 years with 6-weekly aftercare appointments.

'Unprecedented response'

Lorraine said on the programme:

"After yesterday's programme we were absolutely inundated with calls, with texts, with emails from people who wanted to know lots more about this treatment... we've touched a nerve - it was an extraordinary response to any item we've done; so many women out there are obviously suffering from this and it was good to get so many of them getting in touch with us... it absolutely transformed Gillian... again, an unprecedented response..."

Mark Sharp from Mark Glenn joined Lorraine on the breakfast sofa again to go into more detail about our techniques with input from hairdresser, Louise Galvin.

'Transformed the lives of thousands of women'

The GMTV website said:

"...Mark Glenn's innovative work has transformed the lives of thousands of women who suffer from varying degrees of hair loss. They developed the Kinsey System which is so effective that it received the seal of approval from the NHS.

It's a revolutionary, safe, non-surgical and almost undetectable way in which synthetic hair can be integrated with natural hair, to cover even the most serious hair loss problem.

The results are hair that looks, feels and behaves just like natural hair..."

You can watch both programmes below - as well as view images from the show...

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