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Mark Glenn
Hair Enhancement

The UK's leading specialist hair extension studio, right in the heart of London's Kensington Gardens

Not really traditional hairdressers and not really traditional hair extensionists, we're a bunch of rule-breaking misfits drawn together by a single mission.

To do what can't be done - create beautiful hair, one head at a time, even for those who have very little. And to do it cleanly, ethically and responsibly.

For those in the know, we're their best kept secret...
Mark Glenn Hair Extensions, London
Mark Glenn

Hair Extensions

Hair extensions the Mark Glenn way. It's just hair and our fingers - no glue, no clips, no rings, no latex, no weaves, nada, nothing. Just hair. Stylish, sexy and absolutely safe. Expertly tailored and individually created for the look of your dreams. Add length, add body, add colour without chemicals...
Mark Glenn Hair Extensions, London
The Kinsey System for

Female Hair Loss

Personality-rich but hair-poor? Sort it with The Kinsey System at Mark Glenn. Our unique hair integration technique convincingly disguises most types of temporary or permanent female hair loss problems. Tried, tested and proven on thousands of women. The hair of your dreams, created in a day...