Female Hair Loss

Straight answers to your straight questions about our Kinsey System for female hair loss

Kinsey System - General


Q. What medical conditions is the Kinsey System suitable for?

Pretty much any temporary or permanent hair loss or thinness including:

Hair loss attributed to genetic factors; can often be "patchy" with particular severity in one or two areas of the head. Often referred to as androgenetic alopecia or male or female pattern baldness. Extremely common. 

Damage or loss caused by compulsive hair-pulling and twisting, with increased severity during times of emotional stress. Our system is particularly effective here because pulling at our hair won't give you the same "sensation" as pulling out your own hair. We also find that because clients have invested hard-earned money in the system, they're less likely to pull! And using the system temporarily gives your natural hair "a rest", allowing unhindered regrowth and renewal. 

Caused by undue stress on the hair including ill-fitting wigs and badly fitted hair weaves or human hair extensions If the damage isn't permanent, in some instances we may recommend baby-fine Mark Glenn Hair Extensions to help your hair recover.

Including hair loss caused by scarring or cicatricial alopecia, unknown conditions, emotional stress, hormones, nutritional issues, the menopause and pregnancy.  We can also work with alopecia areata, as long as the hair has now stabilised and no longer falling out.

Often caused by home colouring, perms, over-bleaching or salon negligence. Can also be caused by the use of relaxers in Afro-Caribbean hair. 

Including burns, malicious assault, trauma etc. 

Through drug side-effects, brain surgery, cosmetic surgery and cancer treatments including chemotherapy etc. 

Some people just naturally have extremely fine hair, which often results in sections of the scalp being clearly visible. Depending on the client, we may use our Kinsey System or baby-fine Mark Glenn Hair Extensions.

Q. When is it not suitable?

The Kinsey System is a hair integration technique rather than a hair replacement procedure.  Therefore, if you have absolutely no hair on any part of your head - e.g. alopecia totalis or alopecia universalis - then unfortunately, our solution isn't the one for you.

It's also important that your hair is "stable" - by that we mean that it's not currently actively shedding.  In other words, if you "pull" gently on your hair it doesn't come out.  

Again, because what we do is attached and integrated within any existing hair, the areas of attachment in particular need to be stable.  If you're unsure, we can always check and confirm this for you during a consultation.

Q. What are the downsides to The Kinsey System?

Cost, commitment and time.

This isn't a cheap procedure. But it provides fantastic, life-changing value.  For many clients, the new lease of life it brings in terms of confidence has a magical and immeasurable knock-on effect to every facet of their existence, from their careers to their relationships.  As they continually tell us, the value generated is utterly priceless.

You'll need to see us every 6 weeks, just like you would a normal hairdresser.  You're not, however, "locked into" the system - it can be removed at any time, leaving your hair in just as good a condition as it was the day you first walked into our studio; and in some cases, better.

Your six-weekly appointments are longer than they would be at a normal hairdresser - depending upon your particular situation, anywhere between 30 minutes and 3 hours.  Most of our clients treat this as "me time" and look forward to the change of scenery and the delights our Mayfair neighbourhood has to offer.

Q. Is it like a wig? Will it fall off?

No and no! 

You can't remove it yourself. Unlike a wig or hairpiece, you don't "take it off" at night, or before you get in the shower; you don't need to "dress" it etc.  Once it's there, you can forget about it - to all intents and purposes, you have a full head of hair.

The system is integrated into your existing hair so it becomes a part of you. This means that you can wash and style it just like you would a normal head of hair; you can swim, go out in the wind and rain etc. all without fear of detection. 

And because we only work on the specific area of hair loss - e.g. the top of your head - your existing, healthy hair is incorporated into the overall style. 

This results in a beautifully natural look - with your own hair intermingling with our system - and undetectable from the real thing. In fact, if someone was to pull on your hair it'll feel just like someone pulling on your natural hair.

Q. Do you shave any part of my head?

No - and we have strong opinions about this.

For the fitting of many wigs or hair "systems", you often discover you have to shave all or part of your head.  Aside from constantly having to maintain a scalp which seems to regularly resemble an itchy "Welcome Mat", in our view, your own hair is precious and the last thing we'd want to do is remove any of it.  

That's why we specifically refined our technique in such a way that we don't have to shave, cut or remove any of your own hair leading to less maintenance and, more importantly, the preservation of your hair.  It's harder and demands more skill, but we think it's worth it.

Q. What's the minimum amount of existing hair you need to work with?

We can't work with someone who has absolutely no hair on any part of their head. That's because ours is a hair integration technique rather than a replacement system - we need at least some existing hair to achieve a result. 

However, most people with medically-related hair problems do have varying amounts of hair on some areas of their head, however wispy. 

Bald areas of scalp are fine, providing you have some hair on other parts of your head to "bridge" between these areas (if you take a look at our Case Studies Gallery page, you'll see a broad range of clients with varying degrees of hair loss, from the minor to the severe). 

Obviously, we can tell you straight away during your initial consultation if it's possible to work with your existing hair base. And, 90% of the time, we can.

Q. Does it hurt?

No. The Kinsey System is completely cosmetic and non-surgical. 

It's integrated without the use of any glues, bonding solutions, threads, weave-on's, injections, clips, stitching or tapes - and, unlike some, no "shaving" of your existing hair. 

Nothing is "stuck on" your head. Instead, we use the combination of a very fine, anti-allergenic mesh and extremely delicate and expert hair extension work. 

If you have a particularly sensitive scalp, you may experience a little discomfort during application but we'd always confirm this during your prior consultation as well as show you exactly what it would "feel like" when it's actually being applied before you make a decision.

Q. Why do you use a cosmetic hair and not human hair?

There's a multitude of reasons and we've outlined them below:

Hair looks thicker, glossier and smoother and, more importantly, stays that way. Because human hair has a cuticle - which is often aggravated during processing prior to being sold - it's more likely to matt and tangle and take on a "frazzled" appearance once you start wearing it.  Our hair doesn't fade in sunlight and isn't, for instance, affected by chlorine in swimming pools - unlike typical donor human hair.

It's much easier to style our fibre hair because it acts like your own hair should. In other words, it's dream hair. It holds curls, goes perfectly straight if you want it to and, because it reacts to heat, you can achieve some spectacular results with styling appliances.  With donor human hair, because the hair's not from your own head, you don't know how it's going to behave.  All human hair has an individual "personality" - e.g. some goes curly when wet, or has a wave in it.  So often, what looks lovely initially can turn into a styling nightmare when you start to "live" with it and you can end up with "dual-personality hair".

The hair is non-porous so any shampoo or conditioner you buy is for the benefit of your own hair and scalp, rather than the cosmetic hair. Unlike using donor human hair, you don't need to buy expensive conditioners and aftercare products to keep the hair from losing its lustre.

Our hair is attached and taken out without the use of any glues, bonding solutions, threads, tapes, clips or harsh chemicals - crucial when we're dealing with your delicate hair.   In effect, apart from the fine silk mesh we use to bridge over your thinning areas, the only thing your hair comes into contact with is our fingers.

At around half the weight, our fibre hair is lighter than human hair, so it doesn't feel "heavy" and, more importantly, puts far less stress on your precious existing hair.  And because it's non-porous, getting it wet - for instance, whilst swimming - won't result in a head of hair that's suddenly much heaver, running the risk of further weakening or damaging your natural hair base.

For the same reason you probably wouldn't want to wear someone else's teeth, our clients don't want to wear someone else's hair - particularly when they don't know exactly where it's come from and under what circumstances it was taken from the donor's head in the first place.

Human hair is a valuable and scarce commodity and, as is increasingly becoming known through various campaigns and investigations, has spawned an unregulated industry that typically takes hair from the poor in developing countries. Indian temple hair - one of the most prized varieties used in wigs and hair extensions - has attracted much media attention recently for the questionable way in which it's sourced. You can learn more about this here ⇒

Q. What's the fibre hair used in the Kinsey System made of?

The hair used in The Kinsey System is made from a premium modacrylic formulation. 

From a scientific point of view, the composition in our hair is one of the finest - and most expensive - types, with a high temperature resistance that doesn't fade and is impervious to sunlight. 

 There are numerous advantages. It's not affected by chlorine - unlike human hair - so you can swim without wearing a cap if you wish. It's also quick-drying and resistant to acids and alkalies. 

Unlike the human hair often used in wigs and hair extensions, you can also, for instance, colour your own roots without it affecting the colour of our fibre hair. 

 It's flame retardant and doesn't combust - it's difficult to ignite and will self-extinguish if lit. It has great dimensional stability and high elastic recovery, so it holds its shape.

Q. Can I still use topical lotions, e.g. Minoxidil?

Yes.  Another benefit of our system is that your scalp is still, in effect, exposed - there's no caps, no plastic strips, no tapes and no glues.  So any topical medication you apply will still be able to get through to your scalp and won't affect the cosmetic hair.

Q. Can you offer help for the cause of my hair loss problem?

By the time most clients arrive on our doorstep, they've generally tried everything from a medical point of view to fix any underlying issues - and are at the point where they just want their hair to look great again, and quick.

We have close relationships with a number of expert trichologists as well as therapists who specialise in the emotional aspects of hair loss and, if you wish, we can point you in the right direction.

However, it's a sad fact that the majority of pills and potions available are unlikely to work - we know this because most of the thousands of clients we've worked with have tried them. We've found that in some circumstances, a couple of inexpensive vitamins and herbal remedies - readily available at your local chemist or health food shop - have worked wonders for some of our clients and we'd be happy to recommend these to you if suitable. 

From an emotional viewpoint, nothing beats looking in the mirror at a full head of beautiful hair - one of the key benefits of our system. 

What's more, in many cases, we've found the condition and density of our clients' existing hair shows a distinct and measurable improvement once they start wearing our hair. Whilst we can't explain this scientifically, we believe it's a combination of the psychological feeling of having a full head of hair, coupled with the scalp "stimulation" our system provides.

Q. Do you offer any form of counselling, e.g. for trichotillomania?

Not in the traditional sense. That's because we work on your head and not in it.  Let me explain...

We tend to attract clients who've tried everything and just want their hair fixing - and fixing now.  Men can have many faults but one of the benefits of a business originally founded by two guys is that we're focused on solutions, not just "talking about it".

Why? Because we've found that absolutely nothing beats the confidence boost of looking in the mirror at a full head of beautiful hair, giving you the best possible emotional foundation to approach and deal with any underlying issues.

So no, you won't find us holding hands in a circle and weeping.  What you will find is a sympathetic team that deals with female hair loss on a daily basis and gets enormous job satisfaction from seeing the tears of joy on clients' faces when they see the results of our work.

In the case of trichotillomania for instance, this is a difficult condition to manage and the feelings of guilt after an episode of pulling are often compounded by looking in the mirror and seeing the results - leading to a vicious circle of depression and more pulling.

With our system, not only is it more difficult to "tug" at "favourite" areas but starting again with a "clean slate" and a full head of hair is often the trigger that helps recovery finally begin.  We have numerous clients who've had decades of unsuccessful psychological and medicinal treatment but finally managed to control their condition as a result of our system.  And in many cases, their hair has recovered to the point where they either no longer need our help or move over to our Mark Glenn hair extensions for both additional volume and as a "reminder".

Therapies like CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) can be fantastic with a condition like trichotillomania.  But the reason we get so many referrals from CBT therapists is they understand their work is much more effective once their clients have received a full head of hair from us.

Q. What happens at a consultation?

First of all, we take a good look at your hair and confirm your suitability for our techniques.  We'll listen to what you're hoping to achieve and show you exactly what we'd do and how we'd do it, answer any questions you may have and, if suitable, give you an accurate quote for the work.  

We then leave that with you and if you later decide you'd like to go ahead, just give us a call to arrange the work.  There's no pressure and we'd always recommend that you go away and think about things rather than commit to anything during your consultation.

Consultations normally take around 45 minutes and are free of charge.

Q. What's the atmosphere like at the studio? Is it like a clinic?

Far from it.  There's no white coats, clipboards or consulting rooms.

In many ways, it's just like a busy hairdressers and that's what clients like about us - having their hair done is just like visiting a hair salon rather than a medical facility.

New friends are made, stories are swapped, magazines are read, emails are written, gossip is exchanged.  If you want to chat, that's fine; if you want to work on your iPad, that's fine too.

It's a fun and friendly atmosphere right in the centre of London's most stylish neighbourhood and, clients tell us, something they look forward to rather than dread.

Q. Do you ever need models for The Kinsey System?

We're constantly trying to raise awareness of female hair loss issues, an area that's been very much a "taboo" subject for some time. 

If you currently have a hair loss problem and would be willing to talk about it in the media as well as the cosmetic enhancement you've received from Mark Glenn, we'd love to hear from you.  In return, for those suitable, your treatment at our studio will be at a substantial discount or in some cases, free. 

If you'd like to be added to our list of potential models, this is what you need to do:

We need clear head-shots showing the front, sides, back and top of your hair, like this (click / tap to enlarge):

Give us a brief outline of your story and the type of hair loss you're suffering from.

Send us an email with the subject line "Kinsey System Models" to info@markglenn.com, attaching your pictures and outlining your story.  We'll then confirm receipt and, if suitable, potentially arrange a consultation at our London studio.  After that, if an opportunity arises, we'll be in touch.

Q. Do you provide a system for men?

Whilst the Kinsey System was designed primarily for female hair problems, we have successfully implemented our system on male clients. 

However, it isn't suitable for most men with a hair loss problem.  This is because the hair loss "pattern" in men tends to differ from that in women, making a hair integration technique almost impossible to accomplish without the use of glues or adhesives.  

In addition, for an effective result, your own hair - away from the thinning or balding areas - needs to be fairly long, typically around 3 inches (8 cm).  Most men with thinning hair have very short styles to compensate making it difficult for us to work with the existing hair.

So yes, we can work with male clients in certain circumstances and if you think you might fit the bill, we'd be glad to consider it.

Q. I've read you work with a lot of celebrities. I'm not a celebrity - will you treat me differently?

Yes. But not in the way you might think. That's because we firmly believe we should treat all celebrities like ordinary people and all ordinary people like celebrities ;-) 

Q. I'm transgender / transsexual - will you work on my hair?

Of course! We have many clients from the transgender/transsexual community.  However, we'd need to look closely at the existing pattern of hair loss to establish whether you'd be suitable for our techniques.  

Q. I live outside London or the UK. Is there anywhere local to me that does what you do?

Unfortunately, since our system was created and refined in-house and is therefore unique, it's only currently available at our London studio.

In actual fact, most of our clients visit us from outside London and in many cases, overseas.  We know it's an effort and expense you can do without but our clients tell us they tend to look forward to the trip, seeing it as "me time" and an opportunity to sample the delights that London and our Mayfair neighbourhood have to offer.

We're really sorry if this is something you're unable to justify and we're certainly considering opening in other locations in the future.

Q. I'm a stylist. Do you offer training in The Kinsey System for my clients?

Unfortunately, at the present time, no.

Our team undergoes substantial, supervised, on the job training and because of the level of skill involved - coupled with being able to deal with and understand the differing types of hair loss they encounter - as yet, this isn't something we've found we can condense into a short training programme.  It's the old fashioned way of doing things, but it ensures we maximise and maintain our reputation and, more importantly, minimise the risk of any damage to hair that's often already extremely fragile.

As a result, to date (touch wood!), we've never encountered any legal claim for damage caused by our techniques and we've been in business for well over a decade.  Given that your average hairdresser typically sporadically encounters claims for damage on already healthy hair (e.g. caused by negligent application of colourant) we're proud of this unprecedented record and continue to do our very best to maintain it.



Q. Will it damage my existing hair?

No. The care and nurture of your existing hair is our number one priority. 

Our system has been tried, tested and proven on thousands of clients over the past twenty years. And, as previously outlined, in many cases we've found our clients' existing hair base actually shows a distinct and measurable improvement once they start wearing our system. 

In fact, where possible, one of the great joys for us is helping our clients get to the stage where they no longer need our system, or can achieve the same effect with our hair extensions.

If your particular condition is one where your hair is continuing to shed of its own accord, just bear in mind that, whilst our system makes your hair look better it won't, of course, fix any medical conditions you may have - it's purely cosmetic.  

Q. What about going out in the sun or on sunbeds?

No problem. You can't damage our system by going out in the sun or on sunbeds. And what's more, the hair won't fade like the human hair used in wigs or human hair extensions typically would.

Q. What about swimming, going out in the rain etc.?

You can swim, go out in the rain, face a windy day etc. without worry or fear of detection. And again, unlike human hair, our fibre hair isn't affected or damaged by swimming pool chemicals like chlorine. In addition, when wet, our hair looks and behaves just like your natural hair with one further advantage - it doesn't take as long to dry.

Q. What's your level of expertise?

Our team has been working with female hair loss clients for over 20 years. It's what we do, day in, day out.

Our pioneering work has been highlighted in a multitude of TV and press features all over the world - you can also see over 150 media reviews here →

As well as from all over the UK, clients visit us from all four corners of the globe including the USA, Japan and The Middle East.  

The significance and recognition of our work is such that our medical clients are exempt from VAT on our fees. And, in certain specialised cases, clients have received part-funding from the NHS.

The Kinsey System - devised, developed and constantly refined by our team - has been successfully used by thousands of women over the past 20 years. The fact that many of our clients have been using our system right from its conception is a further testament to its success.

Application and Maintenance


Q. How do you create The Kinsey System?

We use the combination of a very fine, anti-allergenic silk mesh, the very best hand-made fibre and extremely delicate and expert hair extension work. 

The mesh is placed across the affected area as a "bridge" between any existing hair.   Any of your own natural hair beneath this mesh is then "pulled through it" so at this point your hair looks as it does now, but with the mesh sitting there a bit like a "second skin".

To fill things out, fibre hair is then strategically woven through the mesh to create the required look - this means the fibre and your natural hair intermingle together, further adding to the illusion of a full head of beautiful hair. Once in place, the hair is dressed and styled to achieve the look you've chosen. 

The beauty of this method is your scalp is able to breathe as normal - nothing is "stuck on it" - and, unlike a wig, your existing hair is completely integrated into the look, allowing it to develop without hindrance.

You can see this in action in some of our female hair loss videos and on our case studies pages.  Or, take a look at the video below, showing the procedure from start to finish:

Q. What sort of styles can be achieved?

Subject to the condition and density of your existing hair, the choice is yours - short, long, wavy, curly, straight; we can incorporate highlights, lowlights, partings, fringes etc. In effect, your head is a blank canvas on which you can create whatever style you like! 

And don't forget that you'll be able to modify your style at home, just like someone with a full head of natural hair. For example, if you've got a straight style, stick a few rollers in and you'll have some gorgeous, bouncy curls. Or, if your hair's long, you can wear it up. And you'll be able to use styling products, hairdryers, hot air tools etc. as normal.

Q. Will you be able to match the colour of my own hair?

Yes, perfectly. 

Unlike some, we won't just pull a colour "off the shelf". Choosing from a multitude of colours, we expertly "blend" several together while you wait - just like mixing paints - to get an exact colour match that'll incorporate all the different subtle shifts in shade that may exist in your own hair.

Q. Can you achieve a realistic "parting" with The Kinsey System?

Yes. We've developed a method that will give you a perfectly realistic parting, even to the point of being able to see the "scalp" line down the centre - just like the real thing. 

This isn't a mass produced, Chinese-sourced, machine-made "latex parting panel" designed for wigs and hairpieces that we then stitch on to your hair.  It's custom-made by us uniquely just for you as part of your "Kinsey", rather than being added on top of the mesh. It looks and feels fantastic.

Q. Can I continue to colour my own hair?

Yes, although obviously, for certain medical problems, we wouldn't recommend it. 

You can either organise this yourself or we can do it here at the studio. Since the fibre we use is non-porous, if you accidentally get the colour solution on the fibre itself, it'll have absolutely no effect - in fact, it just wipes off.

Therefore if, for example, you already colour your hair blonde and we integrate blonde cosmetic hair to match, you can continue to dye your roots etc. with the system. If we were to use human hair, this procedure would over time typically result in a "striped" effect as the already processed alien hair is further affected by the colour. It's another huge advantage to our fibre hair.

Q. My condition isn't that bad. Can you just add a bit of volume instead of length?

Yes. Your style can be as subtle or dramatic as you like. Take a look at our case studies gallery to see examples of both moderate and super-dooper boosts in volume.

In some cases, instead of using our hair integration system we may in fact recommend the use of baby-fine Mark Glenn hair extensions instead.

Q. How long does it take to have The Kinsey System fitted?

This depends very much on the individual job but we'll give you an accurate indication at your initial consultation. Because of the expertise involved, our work is very labour intensive, with at least two designers working simultaneously along with a stylist that specialises in cutting and shaping the system. 

As a guide, expect your initial appointment to last between 4 to 8 hours. After this, you'll need to see us every 6 weeks - just like you would a normal hairdresser - and at these intervals your appointment length will be between 30 minutes and 3 hours; again, depending on the complexity of your individual system.

Q. I'm self-conscious about strangers seeing me without my wig / scarf / hat / hair up...

We've had many years experience working with all manner of hair loss problems, so we completely understand how you feel. 

You'll find that our stylish studio has a wonderfully friendly and informal atmosphere and our team will be sympathetic to your needs. 

We understand how important your privacy is, so you'll be hidden from the view of passers-by.  And, if you wish, we can also use our specially designed "mirror blinds" so that you won't see yourself in the mirror without your hair.

Non-pretentious, fun to be with, slightly bonkers but above all professional, clients tell us they look forward to spending time with our team.

Q. How is The Kinsey System maintained?

Between appointments, you can wash, dry and style your hair as normal.  Just like the real thing.

As outlined above, you'll need to see us every 6 weeks - just like you would a normal hairdresser. 

The is because, on average, hair grows at the rate of around half an inch/1.3cm per month.  Since the system is attached where your hair meets the scalp, the system grows with it. 

Therefore, at your six-weekly appointments, we "adjust" the system by re-attaching it to the root of your hair. This also gives us an opportunity to keep your style "refreshed", as well as being able to keep a close eye on the condition of your natural hair. Your appointment time will be between 30 minutes and 3 hours, depending on the complexity of your individual system.

Q. How long does The Kinsey System last?

The system will typically last between 2 and 3 years - sometimes longer.  At the time of writing, we even have a client who's maintained the same system for 7 years - but, whilst it still looks good, we wouldn't recommend it! 

Factors influencing this length of time include how well you look after your hair, regular maintenance, personal choice and the nature of your hair problem. 

If needed, your hair will be "refreshed and replenished" during your six-weekly adjustment. And once a new system is required, your old system can be taken out and a new one created on the same day, allowing a seamless continuation.

Q. What if I don't like it?

It's very rare, but it happens.  Especially for those who've never experienced having lots more hair, the shock can sometimes be overwhelming.

It's no problem - we can easily remove the system leaving your natural hair just as it was when you first came into the studio, with no mess, residue or damage.

Q. Once I start wearing your system, am I then "locked into it"?

Absolutely not. We can remove the system whenever you like, leaving your natural hair in just as good a condition as it was when you first came into the studio - and, in many cases, better. 

There's no mess, residue or damage giving you the freedom to go back to wigs, hairpieces or an alternative solution. In fact, with certain hair problems, our clients' natural hair base improves to the point where they no longer need our system.

Look and Feel


Q. Does The Kinsey System look convincing?


Take a look at some of our female hair loss case studies where you can not only see before and after photos but also videos showing how the hair moves and behaves.

Follow our simple care guidelines and it'll be impossible to tell our system from a full head of healthy, beautiful, real hair. We have clients who've been successfully using The Kinsey System for well over fifteen years, with colleagues and friends being completely oblivious to the fact that the hair on their head isn't entirely their own.

Just remember that, like your own hair, how it looks is also dependent upon how you style and take care of it - it won't style itself!

Q. Will people be able to tell?

No. Follow our simple care guidelines and it'll be impossible to tell our system from a full head of healthy, beautiful, real hair. 

Obviously, close friends and family who are aware of your medical problem would see a dramatic difference! However, as outlined above, we have clients who've been successfully using our system for well over fifteen years, with colleagues and friends being completely oblivious to the fact that the hair on their head isn't entirely their own. 

And because your own hair intermingles with our system, the illusion is perfect.

Q. How do I explain having more hair to work colleagues etc.?

Many of our clients just tell their friends and colleagues they've had hair extensions at Mark Glenn.  The finished result looks and feels just the same.  Celebrities do it - why not you?!

Q. What does The Kinsey System feel like? Does it feel heavy?

It may feel a little strange for the first few days, especially since you'll now have so much more hair! 

Because our system is integrated with your existing hair, it'll feel like a part of you and very soon you'll be treating your head of hair just as if it was all your own. And because the fibre hair we use is around half the weight of human hair, your head won't feel hot or "heavy".

Q. Will my partner be able to feel it?

It depends how close you let them get...!

The system is attached where your hair meets your scalp and at this point you will feel tiny "bumps" where the connections are made. However, apart from that both you and your partner will be able to run fingers through your hair etc. without hindrance and both the fibre and your existing hair will look and feel identical.

Q. Can I still wear my hair up?

Yes, and we can teach you how to do this in a variety of different styles.

Q. Can I still scratch my head?!

Yes. The mesh we use is mostly hundreds of "holes" - in other words, it's comprised of approximately 90% "fresh air" - so your scalp continues to breathe, is accessible to topical scalp products and you can get your fingers in and have a good old scratch!



Q. How much does The Kinsey System cost?

We have a fixed, clear pricing structure and you can learn more about cost - as well as our unique money-back guarantee for new clients - on our Kinsey System fees page →

And, because you'll be able to use normal shampoos and conditioners etc., you won't have to spend money on any special products.

Q. Why don't I pay VAT?

Because of the nature of our service, HMRC have agreed to treat our medical clients as VAT exempt on their fees. This only applies to clients with a medical problem - clients who are simply looking to enhance a full head of healthy hair will pay VAT at the current rate.

Q. Can I get NHS funding for The Kinsey System?

A number of our clients have successfully achieved this, but it very much depends on the policy of your local Health Authority. 

Start by asking your G.P., dermatologist or surgeon to investigate and, whilst we can't act on your behalf, we're happy to help in any way we can to provide the information or professional assessment your G.P. or local funding panel may need to fully consider your case.