Kinsey System for
Female Hair Loss

Personality-rich but hair-poor?  Sort it with The Kinsey System at Mark Glenn.  Our unique hair integration technique convincingly disguises most types of temporary or permanent female hair loss problems.  Finally, a full head of hair that looks, feels and behaves just like your own...

Your Top 15 Benefits

It's just hair and our fingers

No glue, no tapes, no clips, no rings, no caps, no latex, nada, nothing. Just hair.

Entirely cosmetic, 100% safe

Non-surgical. And no shaving or damage to your existing hair.

Cruelty-free, beauty-full

Light, luscious, gorgeous hand-made hair. Vegan-friendly. New, not second-hand.

Set your own hair free

Your existing hair is integrated, not hidden away or covered up. And your scalp can finally breathe again.

Be one woman not two

Semi-permanent - unlike a wig or hairpiece, no "daily dressing" or removal. Fit and forget, 24/7 hair, just like the real thing.

Freedom, confidence

Shower, swim, sweat, run, wind, snow, rain. No problem. Get your life back, get your confidence back and feel feminine again.

The hair of your dreams, created in a day

Curl it, style it, blow-dry it, straighten it, short, long, wear it up, wear it down. Swish it. Run your fingers through it. The next best thing to a full head of your own hair.

Light and lovely, looks sensational

Half the weight of human hair so you won't feel "bogged down" by the weight. And that means less stress for you and less stress for your existing hair.

Suitable for most types of female hair loss

If you've got at least some existing hair, we can probably help. Generally suitable for hair loss caused by alopecia, genetic factors, trichotillomania, traction, surgery, drugs, chemicals, hormones etc.

Tried, tested and proven on thousands of women

Developed and perfected over the past 25 years by our expert team, it's what we do, day in, day out for women from all over the world. Nothing comes "off the shelf" - created, tailored and colour-matched just for you.

Red carpet hair, High Street friendly

Looks better for longer, easier to care for. No fancy shampoos, conditioners or expensive aftercare. Swim, sweat, run, bask in the sun - no problem.

Looks and feels fantastic

You simply cannot tell our beautiful hand-made fibre from the real thing, in look or feel, whether wet or dry. The dream hair you've always wanted.

It's not someone else's hair - it's yours

You wouldn't wear someone else's teeth, you wouldn't wear their skin - so why wear their hair? Someone else's hair naturally has its own personality, quirks and, perhaps, bad "energy". But our hair is fresh, clean, guilt-free and yours alone.

Crystal-clear, fixed pricing

No sliding scale of charges based on length of hair. No Russian this, Indian that, virgin the other. No extra surprise costs when you're in the chair. Instead fixed, fair, predictable pricing.

Money-Back Guarantee of Gorgeousness™

Say what? Yes, you read that correctly. If you hate it after 6 weeks we'll take it all out and it won't cost you a bean. Mic drop.


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