Mark Sharp


Mark Sharp is a true pioneer in the field of cosmetic hair enhancement. A hair extension specialist for nearly 35 years, his innovative work has also transformed the lives of thousands of women who suffer from debilitating hair loss.

Spurred on by the obvious anguish experienced by women losing their hair, Mark developed several techniques to effectively disguise these problems. 

Using a combination of traditional skills and a proprietary non-surgical method labelled, The Kinsey System he was soon seeing a whole new client-base, drawn from the estimated 8 million UK women who suffer from some form of hair loss. 

And, in an unprecedented move, the NHS confirmed the system's effectiveness by providing funding for particularly needy clients whom otherwise couldn't afford it.

Mark and our team's work - with both hair extensions and for medical purposes - has been highlighted by numerous television programmes including ITV's This Morning, Channel 5's At Home With Gloria Hunniford, ITV's Lorraine, several episodes of Extreme Makeover UK, the USA's Style Network, Channel 4's The Making of Me and Channel 4's Gogglebox.

It's also inspired features in countless news media including The Daily Mail, The Sun, The Mirror, The Sunday Express, Cosmopolitan, New Woman, Marie Claire and Vogue.

Mark set up hair extension studio Attention X in 1989 with his then wife, Lucinda, which later became The Lucinda Ellery Hair Consultancy.  Their divorce led to the creation of Mark Glenn in 2001 with his "best mate" Glenn Kinsey.

Away from hair, Mark is a talented singer-songwriter with a couple of albums under his belt.  If you see him at Mark Glenn, ask him nicely (actually, you probably won't even need to ask ;-) and he'll grab his guitar for a singalong.