Laura C.

Head Hair Angel

Since taking over the day to day management of our London studio, Laura's transformed the client experience as well as being an inspirational leader to her team.

With nearly 20 years experience in the female hair additions business, clients appreciate her rounded view of what works and doesn't work.

"I was so excited to join Mark Glenn because it was the only salon of its kind without any kind of 'bad name'." says Laura.

"We always put the clients first and this integrity is built into the business' DNA.  It's such a relief to not be forced to sell people something they don't need or isn't right for them. I love that culture here." 

"I've worked with pretty much every hair extension and hair 'system' method and hands down, our unique fibre solutions are the best for both extensions and female hair loss. It looks better, it's safer, it's more ethical and it's so easy to take care of. It's incredible."

As well as being an exceptional hair technician and stylist, clients love her warm and adaptable style and willingness to always go the extra mile. 

A mum of two, as well as talking hair she loves chatting about children and family but is at her most animated when talking Thai food!