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Trichotillomania Success - Now Pull-Free

Trichotillomania - or "trich" - is the cause of this client's hair loss. 

Trich is the name for compulsive hair pulling and twisting; a very common but misunderstood condition and something we see every day in our London studio

Within a few months of these pictures being taken, this client became - like so many of our clients - "pull free" and, at the time of writing, her own hair is gradually recovering. 

With such a complex condition, the chances of relapse can be high although the combination of a full head of beautiful hair along with the difficulty of pulling in "favourite" areas when our system is in place means we rarely encounter this. 

As you can see from the pictures below, the cosmetic transformation is spectacular - a full head of gorgeous hair integrated without the use of any glues, chemicals, threads, clips or tapes. 

And remember that clients can wash, dry and style their hair just as if it was all their own. 

Freedom at last from suffocating wigs, hot hats and uncomfortable headscarves...

Before and After


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