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Radiotherapy & Surgery Hair Loss - No More Wigs

This truly amazing makeover involves a client who had a brain tumour removed when she was 16 and the subsequent radiotherapy devastated her hair.

As she says in the video below, "I tried various wigs and wore baseball caps hoping my hair would grow back but it hasn't.

"The wigs were unnatural - I couldn't shower or bath in them.  I've got two young children and they could see it was a wig.  It was held on by clips, which moved and gave me blisters and made my scalp bleed."

She went on to say, "I was worried about leaving the house and being accepted socially.  I didn't want my children seeing me with no hair and it was just horrible and upsetting to see my head like this every day.

"You just can't get up and go out shopping anywhere without being looked at and stared at.  I want to walk down the street with my head held high and be able to have a shower without taking anything off."

We came to the rescue - along with the UK National Health Service (NHS) who part-funded the work  - with our Kinsey System.  

And, after 9 hours and three team members working on her hair, the transformation was complete.

"I feel brilliant, very confident and I love the hair - it feels really natural and light, not heavy at all," she said.  "I can now lead a normal life as if I had my own hair - only this feels even better than my own hair."

As soon as the work was completed she said, "My confidence has grown even now.  I've got my hair back, it's lovely and full of life, just so natural!

"I can run my fingers through it, I can brush it, put hair-sprays on and just treat it like my own. I would definitely recommend this to other ladies with similar problems - it's brilliant!"

You can see the moving video transformation below as well as more before and after pictures...


Before and After


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