Your Hair Magazine - Mark Glenn Hair Extensions

01 Feb 2004
Your Hair Magazine - Mark Glenn Hair Extensions
Your Hair Magazine

This month's issue of Hair Magazine suggests that if you can't wait for your hair to grow you should "magic up a little hair length" with hair extensions at Mark Glenn.

In a handy hints feature on extensions, the article describes the different kinds of extensions available and says that "The Mark Glenn Hair Enhancement team suggest that your hair should be at least 3 inches long so that it can effectively disguise the point where the extensions are connected to your hair. Any shorter and the root areas may become more visible, which doesn't leave a good finish".

It also says our hand-made fibre "reacts very much like your own hair would so you can use a blowdryer and heated rollers allowing you to wear it straight or curly".

With pictures, the article gives examples of how we can dramatically cut hair extensions to add interest and texture with colour; or add subtle extensions to create complimentary, deep-coloured layers.

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