Telogen Effluvium

Female Hair Loss Information

Telogen effluvium is also referred to as ‘chronic telogen effluvium’ (CTE). Unlike androgenetic alopecia, this condition causes diffuse/generalised thinning, instead of localised baldness.

Such thinning isn’t necessarily symmetrical and it can affect some areas of the scalp more than others.

Typically, the hair at the top of the head is most affected with a relative sparing of the back and sides of the head. Patients suffering from this condition never lose all of their hair, but, in severe cases other body hair (e.g. eyebrows) can be lost.

Generally, sufferers of telogen effluvium notice their own hair thinning before anyone else does. This is because the hair loss is diffuse (i.e. scattered rather than patchy) and isn’t noticeable to others, unless it reaches a severe level.

Most commonly, the cause of telogen effluvium is iron deficiency. This can be compounded by other nutritional deficiencies — namely Vitamin C and L-lysine — both of which are necessary for the body to absorb iron.

Iron deficiency is far from the only cause. Telogen effluvium also commonly occurs when the body experiences something traumatic including high fevers, major or chronic illness, infections, trauma, surgery, childbirth and medications.

The actual loss of hair occurs anywhere between 6 weeks to 3 months after the stressful event. But, the good news is that the hair follicles are not irreversibly damaged.

Instead, hair loss occurs due to large numbers of hair follicles moving into the shedding phase of the hair growth cycle. Different to androgenetic alopecia, the hair follicle doesn’t become permanently dormant (i.e. locked in the resting phase).

So, in most cases of telogen effluvium, no medical treatment is needed because once the hair has fallen out, new hair re-grows although it can take many months or even years to achieve its previous length.

How we can help

The first step, of course, is to ensure the condition is properly diagnosed by your doctor or consultant so you can be sure that nothing else is causing your hair loss.

Our Kinsey System for female hair loss is, in most cases, a perfect cosmetic solution for female telogen effluvium and we've successfully worked on hundreds of clients with the condition.

Alternatively, in less serious cases, we can use carefully applied and baby-fine Mark Glenn hair extensions as a temporary measure whilst your hair grows back.

We can advise accordingly during a free consultation at our London studio.