Chemical Treatments and Bleaching

Female Hair Loss Information

Chemical treatments such as perms, dyes, tints, colours and bleaches can cause damage to hair if used too often, too aggressively or negligently.

Whilst normally something from which your hair can, over time, recover or grow back, severe damage and burns can result in significant and permanent hair loss.

How we can help

From a cosmetic viewpoint, in most cases we can use carefully applied, super-light  Mark Glenn hair extensions as a temporary measure whilst your hair grows back.

We use a hand-made fibre that's half the weight of human hair and applied without the use of any chemicals, bonding solutions, glue, threads or clips either during application or removal.

You can learn lots more about our method and its benefits on our hair extensions frequently asked questions page.

Alternatively, where the loss is more substantial or thought to be permanent, our more advanced Kinsey System for female hair loss may be more appropriate.

We can advise accordingly during a free consultation at our London studio.