Stress and Trauma

Female Hair Loss Information

Accidents, trauma, major surgery, serious or chronic illness and other forms of severe physiological stress can cause large numbers of hair follicles to simultaneously enter the resting and shedding phase.

This is because during and after these events, the body directs essential nutrients towards its vital organs and repair processes.

And, since hair isn't essential for survival, it tends to suffer during such periods.

Usually, hair loss problems like these are self-resolving with time but extra care should be taken with diet and supplementation.

How we can help

As always, the first step is to ensure the condition is properly diagnosed by your doctor or consultant and steps taken to target the underlying causes from a medical point of view.

From a cosmetic viewpoint, in many cases we can potentially use carefully applied, super-light  Mark Glenn hair extensions as a temporary measure whilst your hair grows back.

Alternatively, where the loss is more substantial or thought to be long-term, our more advanced Kinsey System for female hair loss may be more appropriate.

We can advise accordingly during a free consultation at our London studio.