Iulia G.

Hair Angel

With a ton of experience working at some of the world's leading hair extension salons, Iulia finally found her home at Mark Glenn, saying she was drawn to the "quality, ethics and flawless finish" of our work.

A Ukrainian native and former lawyer, clients and colleagues love her sharp eye, creative flair and attention to detail along with her encyclopaedic knowledge of everything from astrology to flying yoga.

"The transformations we achieve at Mark Glenn are incredible", says Iulia

"I've left the legal contracts behind and instead my contract now is with each of our lovely clients to ensure they look their very best." 

"Making people feel good is what drives me so I'm in the perfect place. I love it!"

Away from her work family, Iulia has a lovely family of her own.  A devoted mum, her clan also includes a sausage dog along with an adorable husband who runs a hugely successful construction business.