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Elena F.

Assistant Head Hair Angel

Client favourite Elena brings her native Italian flair and attention to detail to her work.  

With a calm and relaxed manner, she's particularly popular with our "quieter" clients who love her professional and soothing energy.

At the same time, she's a hit with our more animated clientele who instantly warm to her genuine interest in people.

"I love hearing about a client's life experience and I love to soak up new knowledge, especially things like politics and history", says Elena.

A former barista and restaurant manager, Elena plumped for a complete career change by joining Mark Glenn at the bottom and working her way up to the senior role she now holds.

"It's such a joy at Mark Glenn - I get to make a real difference every day. Seeing clients transform over a few hours - not just their hair but their confidence - is wonderful. I love it".

We're fastidious about cleanliness at Mark Glenn but it helps having Elena on board - she's a clean freak.

"I actually enjoy cleaning", says Elena. "I even asked for a steam mop and cleaning products for my birthday!"

Elena's a big animal lover - especially cats. But if you really want to penetrate that calm exterior you just have to mention one person's name - music star Harry Styles.  She's his number one fan.  

"Glenn managed to get me a signed photograph and it now sits at the centre of a little shrine to Harry at my home.  We've had lots of famous people through the doors at Mark Glenn but I'm still waiting for Harry to come in!"