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“My trichotillomania hair pulling has stopped thanks to you”

I am emailing really to update you guys at MG about how things have been since I had my removal. So although it's only been a couple of months (2 I think), I wanted to share how well things are going. I am more used to my short hair cut now and I really doubt that anybody has noticed that there used to be a problem. I use the word 'used' because I've barely touched my hair in a negative way since I had the system put on! I do occasionally have moments where I find I'm 'fiddling' with it, but I stop myself and that's that! :) I don't have patches and my thinner areas are fine. I am so happy with the progress. I realized that I never properly thanked you all for the help. The system gave me a lot of time to step back and leave my hair alone which I guess reduced the chance of pulling it almost completely. Everyone was super helpful and experienced and it really made a difficult situation a lot easier for me. So THANKYOU all! So yeah, things couldn't be going any better so far and I 100% intend for that progress to continue. I will update perhaps after a longer while but I just couldn't hold off sharing the good news for much longer! Thankyou :)

Lani L



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