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“There aren't enough words to describe how much the Mark Glenn team have changed my life”

There aren't enough words to describe how much the Mark Glenn team have changed my life.

I have suffered from hair loss since I was a teenager, which became progressively worse in the past year to the point where I was avoiding certain lights and could not bare to look in the mirror.

Having tried every single hair growth treatment available and not feeling any better about myself, I decided to book my consultation with Mark Glenn as a last resort to fix this hair burden that had taken over my life.

Despite my anxiety and worries, Elena and Laura made me feel extremely welcome and normal about my hair condition. They were so kind, helpful and informative.

My first appointment to have my Kinsey system fitted and the first wash was a total breeze! The whole team at Mark Glenn made me feel so comfortable and welcome. I was even able to work while the team did their magic.

I am so impressed at how talented everyone is at Mark Glenn and the transformation still amazes me! The quality of the hair is amazing, it feels and looks so real and natural. I can style my hair any way I like and washing and styling is so easy!

The Kinsey system feels like a part of me and I can't imagine ever being without it.

My whole life has improved. I am confident again, my outfits look better, I've saved so many hours washing and styling, I am no longer dreading looking at mirrors, I feel so good about myself and I no longer worry about my hair!!

If anyone reading this is unhappy as I was about their hair, please do not hesitate to contact Mark Glenn. I promise you will never look back.

Amy B

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