Hair Extensions FAQ's

If so, why do so many hairdressers offer human hair extensions?

In a word, profit. 

Human hair extensions are a quick, "single operator" solution - and therefore less costly for the salon in terms of staff and time - whereas our system requires two very skilled operators working on your hair simultaneously.  And because of the relative simplicity in human hair extension application, stylists typically undertake only a single day's course before offering the service to their clients - after all, glue-ing or clipping hair to hair is a straightforward thing to do.

Most salons don't carry the hair in stock, which again saves money.  Instead, they often take a swatch of your hair at consultation and send it away to their human hair suppliers.  They then send back the closest colour from their stock.

Getting the colour match right is absolutely crucial for convincing hair extensions.  That's why we not only carry all our hair in stock, but we actually custom-blend the colour whilst you're sat in front of us.  This ensures we not only get a perfect colour match but we also take into account all the different and subtle shifts in shade all over your head, rather than just a small section.  

It's the difference that makes the difference.


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