Hair Extensions FAQ's

Are you saying that I should avoid human hair extensions?

Not necessarily.  

But as leading hair extension specialists with many years experience in the industry, we feel it's important to allow you to make an informed decision.  And, through our allied work with hair loss, we're regularly called upon to fix the damage caused by poorly applied human hair extensions, so we do have a particular viewpoint. 

Despite all the advantages outlined in these FAQ's, some people just prefer the human hair solution. This is often because they presume that fibre extensions will look "fake". 

If that's the case, we'd encourage you to check us out and compare with others.  Consultations are free so come in and see what we do and how good it looks.  Feel the hair.  Talk to clients.  Check out some of our hair extension case studies.  

With a team that's collectively got decades of experience, we've been exposed to many different methods and materials - and we've found that our system is the best in terms of quality, safety, comfort, ethics and look. It demands more skill, is costlier and takes longer, but we - and our clients - think it's worth it.  We think you will too.

And if you do decide we're not for you, we'd recommend you try and find a salon that specialises in extensions, rather than hairdressers that "do a couple of heads a week".


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