Female Hair Loss FAQ's

What's the minimum amount of existing hair you need to work with?

We can't work with someone who has absolutely no hair on any part of their head. That's because ours is a hair integration technique rather than a replacement system - we need at least some existing hair to achieve a result. 

However, most people with medically-related hair problems do have varying amounts of hair on some areas of their head, however wispy. 

Bald areas of scalp are fine, providing you have some hair on other parts of your head to "bridge" between these areas (if you take a look at our Case Studies Gallery page, you'll see a broad range of clients with varying degrees of hair loss, from the minor to the severe). 

Obviously, we can tell you straight away during your initial consultation if it's possible to work with your existing hair base. And, 90% of the time, we can.


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