Female Hair Loss FAQ's

I'm a stylist. Do you offer training in The Kinsey System for my clients?

Unfortunately, at the present time, no.

Our team undergoes substantial, supervised, on the job training and because of the level of skill involved - coupled with being able to deal with and understand the differing types of hair loss they encounter - as yet, this isn't something we've found we can condense into a short training programme.  It's the old fashioned way of doing things, but it ensures we maximise and maintain our reputation and, more importantly, minimise the risk of any damage to hair that's often already extremely fragile.

As a result, to date (touch wood!), we've never encountered any legal claim for damage caused by our techniques and we've been in business for well over a decade.  Given that your average hairdresser typically sporadically encounters claims for damage on already healthy hair (e.g. caused by negligent application of colourant) we're proud of this unprecedented record and continue to do our very best to maintain it.


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