Female Hair Loss FAQ's

How do you create The Kinsey System?

We use the combination of a very fine, anti-allergenic silk mesh, the very best hand-made fibre and extremely delicate and expert hair extension work. 

The mesh is placed across the affected area as a "bridge" between any existing hair.   Any of your own natural hair beneath this mesh is then "pulled through it" so at this point your hair looks as it does now, but with the mesh sitting there a bit like a "second skin".

To fill things out, fibre hair is then strategically woven through the mesh to create the required look - this means the fibre and your natural hair intermingle together, further adding to the illusion of a full head of beautiful hair. Once in place, the hair is dressed and styled to achieve the look you've chosen. 

The beauty of this method is your scalp is able to breathe as normal - nothing is "stuck on it" - and, unlike a wig, your existing hair is completely integrated into the look, allowing it to develop without hindrance.

You can see this in action in some of our female hair loss videos and on our case studies pages.  Or, take a look at the video below, showing the procedure from start to finish:


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