Female Hair Loss FAQ's

Do you offer any form of counselling, e.g. for trichotillomania?

Not in the traditional sense. That's because we work on your head and not in it.  Let me explain...

We tend to attract clients who've tried everything and just want their hair fixing - and fixing now.  Men can have many faults but one of the benefits of a business originally founded by two guys is that we're focused on solutions, not just "talking about it".

Why? Because we've found that absolutely nothing beats the confidence boost of looking in the mirror at a full head of beautiful hair, giving you the best possible emotional foundation to approach and deal with any underlying issues.

So no, you won't find us holding hands in a circle and weeping.  What you will find is a sympathetic team that deals with female hair loss on a daily basis and gets enormous job satisfaction from seeing the tears of joy on clients' faces when they see the results of our work.

In the case of trichotillomania for instance, this is a difficult condition to manage and the feelings of guilt after an episode of pulling are often compounded by looking in the mirror and seeing the results - leading to a vicious circle of depression and more pulling.

With our system, not only is it more difficult to "tug" at "favourite" areas but starting again with a "clean slate" and a full head of hair is often the trigger that helps recovery finally begin.  We have numerous clients who've had decades of unsuccessful psychological and medicinal treatment but finally managed to control their condition as a result of our system.  And in many cases, their hair has recovered to the point where they either no longer need our help or move over to our Mark Glenn hair extensions for both additional volume and as a "reminder".

Therapies like CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) can be fantastic with a condition like trichotillomania.  But the reason we get so many referrals from CBT therapists is they understand their work is much more effective once their clients have received a full head of hair from us.


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