Female Hair Loss FAQ's

Can you offer help for the cause of my hair loss problem?

By the time most clients arrive on our doorstep, they've generally tried everything from a medical point of view to fix any underlying issues - and are at the point where they just want their hair to look great again, and quick.

We have close relationships with a number of expert trichologists as well as therapists who specialise in the emotional aspects of hair loss and, if you wish, we can point you in the right direction.

However, it's a sad fact that the majority of pills and potions available are unlikely to work - we know this because most of the thousands of clients we've worked with have tried them. We've found that in some circumstances, a couple of inexpensive vitamins and herbal remedies - readily available at your local chemist or health food shop - have worked wonders for some of our clients and we'd be happy to recommend these to you if suitable. 

From an emotional viewpoint, nothing beats looking in the mirror at a full head of beautiful hair - one of the key benefits of our system. 

What's more, in many cases, we've found the condition and density of our clients' existing hair shows a distinct and measurable improvement once they start wearing our hair. Whilst we can't explain this scientifically, we believe it's a combination of the psychological feeling of having a full head of hair, coupled with the scalp "stimulation" our system provides.


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