Female Hair Loss FAQ's

Can I use a hairdryer, straighteners, rollers, hot sticks etc.?

Yes, and we'll give you full instructions for this during your appointment. 

For styling, our fibre hair is a wonderful medium to work with - unlike real hair, it does what you tell it to! That's because it reacts well to heat and will stay in position once set. This means you can easily achieve some truly creative styles and, if you wish, change your style at whim. 

For instance, wrap the fibre round your hand, give it a gentle blast with the hair-dryer (let us show you how so you don't damage your hair) and you'll achieve a beautifully natural wave. Then, if you want it silky straight, run your brush and hair-dryer along the length of the hair and you'll achieve a smooth and sleek look.

Heated rollers quickly achieve gorgeous curls that hold, whether you want them big and bouncy or tight and tempting.

And for a super-simple, "beach wave" soft curls look with longer styles we can even show you how to quickly twist your hair up before sleeping so the heat from your head literally creates a gentle wave overnight. This means you can almost "get up and go" without using any electrical styling.

Straighteners make the fibre hair go perfectly straight - just make sure you use the better quality ones with a variable temperature (they need to be set at about 120 degrees centigrade) so they don't get too hot.  We've tested lots of straighteners and found with some brands there's often a discrepancy in what's on the dial and what the actual temperature is, sometimes swinging between 40 and 50 degrees either way.  So if you're at all unsure about your particular brand, just give us a call or drop in.

And, of course, you can also purchase the styling equipment we use everyday at the salon.


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