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Afro-Caribbean Wavy

Afro-Caribbean hair has traditionally been extended using a "weave". 

This looks like a "grass skirt" and is usually stitched or glued into the hair. However, quite serious damage can occur resulting in such conditions as traction alopecia, due to the weight and stress on the hair. 

Indeed, this particular client has a small patch of traction alopecia on the back of her head. As you can see here, we can achieve a gorgeous look without resorting to such methods. 

Instead, we use a beautiful, hand-made fibre hair that's half the weight of real hair and is attached without the use of glues, threads, clips or chemicals. 

Typically, when a client removes our extensions, they'll find that their own hair is in a better condition than it was when the extensions were initially applied. 

The downside for those with Afro hair - because our extensions are particularly light and added one by one - is that they will either need to straighten their own hair or relax it for the best results.  Our fibre hair likes to be straight or slightly wavy.

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