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QWhat are the downsides to The Kinsey System?


Cost, commitment and time.

This isn't a cheap procedure. But it provides fantastic, life-changing value.  For many clients, the new lease of life it brings in terms of confidence has a magical and immeasurable knock-on effect to every facet of their existence, from their careers to their relationships.  As they continually tell us, the value generated is utterly priceless.

You'll need to see us every 6 weeks, just like you would a normal hairdresser.  You're not, however, "locked into" the system - it can be removed at any time, leaving your hair in just as good a condition as it was the day you first walked into our studio; and in some cases, better.

Your six-weekly appointments are longer than they would be at a normal hairdresser - depending upon your particular situation, anywhere between 30 minutes and 3 hours.  Most of our clients treat this as "me time" and look forward to the change of scenery and the delights our Mayfair neighbourhood has to offer.

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